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Exercises of part 2

Slides: presentation-2022-02-GSNS_Handout.pdf

Figure environment#

Find a nice image on the internet and put it in the same directory as your .tex file. Add this figure in your document with a proper caption beneath it.

Use the package \usepackage{lipsum} and use \lipsum[1-12] for nonsense text, or copy some from Observe how the different placement specifiers change the positioning of the figure with respect to the text.

Figure trimming#

You can crop an image from within LaTeX by passing a trim option to \includegraphics. Try using

\includegraphics[width=0.9\linewidth,trim=10pt 10pt 10pt 10pt,clip]{example-image-a}

and observe how changing the values after trim change the cropping. Make sure you have added \usepackage{graphicx} to your preamble!

Reference material:


Add the normal distribution density function to your document.


Try the subfigure example from the slides.


Go to the slides about the math commands, try them out and try to remember some. You can also investigate what LaTeX commands you need for the math symbols you regularly use.


Figures aren't the only floats, there are also tables. Follow the tutorial at Tables.